These photos are from the series Rein. Rein lives in the past. He hasĀ surrounded himself with objects that have a special status for him, a reminder of a better life,a life that once was. Rein was a successful gallerist in the 80s.There were many parties, women, drinks and art. But time has not stood still,although Rein is still living in those illustrious years in his mind but his body is living in the now. He needs medical attention, the house in which he lives in needs to be maintained, but there is no one who’s willing to take care of him. Rein has dissociated almost everyone over the years, tolerates only drinks, and objects that remind him of the past. I am therefore particularly privileged that he allowed me in his life with my cameras. Last year Rogier used the old paintings of Rein for inspiration. At first because he was inspired by the paintings.But there was more, the lives of the two man seemed to have many similarities. new layers of meaning were created, personal and creatives ones.